Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching Up

Summer is flying by, just like I love it to... I am not a fan of summer (big surprise) and very ready for winter. Aside from the excitement that the new pups will surely bring there is much on the trail that I miss, so dearly miss... of course what I miss the most are those who cannot share the trail with me any longer. That has been the hardest part, but in sneaking some time here and there I have made sure their fur will be on the trail with me. It is all I have left but it is what I can treasure the most, something timeless, something soft, something so close to being them that I can touch and feel for the rest of my days until I can meet with them again...

Aside from their loss being so hard to bear there are things that I am finding I treasure the very most, coincidences for the most part, though I don't believe in the definition of coincidences... the latest event was a gift, a very, very special gift created for me by Mariska (who can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mariskas-Creations/224513622869). This is Lupricus, the wolf god of winter, and what a beautiful god he is!!

I have set him up on our memorial shrine, to honor all those who have passed on. He holds raven feathers (messengers to those who have passed) in his pocket and a knit patch of Iris' fur on his arm. Aquila's collar (Iris' mother) lays at his feet and a photo of Spock at his side.

Mariska said she liked to think he was sent to me to watch over the foster dogs and all that we do here with the Sanctuary. No words could be more fitting, or more meaningful to what we are doing here. Those who pass on have, and always will, help those who are still here...

But where is the coincidence you may ask? Well Ive always had a connection with the 'other side', its not something Ive chosen consciously but something that brings me peace every moment of every day. How could I not have a connection over the Rainbow Bridge if so many of my friends are living and loving their existence over there?

When Iris passed I stumbled across the meaning of her name again... 'rainbow'... first coincedence, the Rainbow Bridge. She is also related to Hermes in some way (she is genetically related to the Hermes we have here but in mythlogical ways she is also related) and Hermes is the messenger of the gods. In some circles Iris was the messenger of the gods as well, a messenger to the other side... second coincedence... I had no idea of these things when I named her when she was born.

Then one day many years ago (when she was still alive) I found a rare wild white Iris growing in our favorite field. Incredible, a memory that still shocks and comforts me to this day... my third coincidence...

When she passed I always considered her to be my white angel, my messenger to the others who have passed, my comfort, my best friend who had sprouted wings. Never did I imagine I would grow so attached to this girl, this little runt who almost didn't make it past puppyhood, much like another pup I know (Orion)...

Then the fourth and latest coincidence... Lupricus... the white wolf god... another messenger, so much like my Iris... what does this all mean?

It means that we are all connected, all loved, all thought of and living in the present tense even if we cannot touch those things we miss the most. All my 'signs' are bundled up and traced back to Iris but its more than that, its an expression of her love and a channel that the others who have gone can pass through and communicate with.

It is a belief that I have that she my messenger and my belief is strengthened by the signs that come to me, even so many years after she has been gone. So even though Spock has not contacted me as strongly as Iris, she continues to send signs to help me understand that he is still here. He may be reincarnated in Orion but I am still a bit skeptical of that. I need more 'coincidences', though there have been quite a few already.

And even though I know Iris is still here in spirit, and Patsy, and Beano, and Ursa, and Aquila, and Phoenix, and Bruin, and Spock it helps to have their fur with me as extra comfort especially while I am on the trail. So this year Ive made something very special, a connection of my wonderful messenger and my powerful protective guardian that Spock was, and has been, to me in this life. It is a new design that I may incorporate into the next husky hair hats that I make, along with the old designs, for the Yukon Quest but this one will obviously be staying with me.

The fur trim is beaver, the outer shell is made of Spock's spun dog hair and the inner lining (which I will be working on tonight) is going to be made from Iris' spun dog hair. It is an honor to have such a beautiful hat that has such an indescribable meaning. Winter cannot come soon enough!

What it looks like on... it is very warm, cozy and stylish! :)

A wider view of the shrine. The make up of the shrine changes from time to time. Fur garments are from Spock, Iris, Mercury (who is still here and doing very well), rocks are from various places around Alaska, railroad spikes are from the new property, photos of Spock, Ursa (Iris' sister) and Aquila (Iris and Ursa's mother) hang on the wall. Lupricus is at the center of it all tieing everything together and being a source of focus. Fairy statue states, "Death leaves a heartache no one an heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." A gift from my mother...

And last but not least, a beautiful piece from an artist I so admire that has described the energy of my life lately, it is called "I Am Here".
This piece, and other amazing work from the artist, can be found on-line here at